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Filming and Photography Services in Salisbury

We are a media and film production company based in Salisbury specialising in Video and Photography. We have over 20 years experience catering to clients all over the World.

Our mission is to help businesses and organisations across Wiltshire and Hampshire by creating media that enhances and showcases their products and services. 

We understand the needs of our customers by doing extensive pre-production research.

20% Discount for clients with an SP postcode!

In order to support local Salisbury businesses and organisations we happily provide a 20% discount on all media production services to clients in the Salisbury area. If you have a SP postcode or are within 10 miles radius of the Cathedral , please ask for our local media service discount.

Multidiscipline filming capacity for Salisbury and Wiltshire

We use industry leading cameras and editing software together with lights and microphones to ensure the very best visuals and audio are captured. We have aerial drones and are Civil Aviation Authority certified to fly and film for commercial purposes. 

Our aerial filming services for Salisbury and Wiltshire provide the best available media for your production. Not only that but our underwater filming expertise can be combined with aerials to bring both below and above media of the UK’s most beautiful rivers and wildlife for environment themed productions. The multidiscipline capability at Lightning Strike Productions ensures that quality film and photography is captured across a wide range. High production value is ensured that will amaze your audience. 

Bringing world class media production to Salisbury

Our range of filming and media production capabilities have been utilised by numerous production companies. These include National Geographic, Animal Planet, BBC, Channel 4, Al Jazeera, Sky News and many more.

Alongside TV productions we have worked in Feature Films providing Cinematic footage with our Drones and Underwater cinema cameras.

You can see a selection of our previous work and credits here

Filming services for businesses in Salisbury

If you have a message you want people to hear, or a story you want them to know, call us and we can help bring that vision to life.

We work with our clients to realise their promotional goals, showcase their products and ultimately grow their business.

Contact us to discuss your ideas

The history of Salisbury and Wiltshire as a whole are extremely impressive. Sites dating back 5000 years to periods older than the Pyramids are dotted over the rural landscape. The surrounding countryside is also ideal for filming. There is Hampshire to the South and the amazing Jurassic coastline of Dorset to the West providing some of the best locations in the country.

With its rich history, stunning architecture and picturesque countryside this city is the perfect location for any film or TV production. 

As a company we have filmed all over the world from the frigid North to the equatorial Pacific. Equally at home filming on a remote tropical atoll or in an underwater studio tank. With  years of logistics expertise in planning shoots, travelling internationally to the remotest filming locations, we pride ourselves in the range of environments and range of filming disciplines we can offer experience in. We deliver high quality results that meet and often surpass our clients’ needs from pre-production planning to post production and editing and beyond.

We have the skills and equipment, whether you’re looking to film in the shadow of the Cathedral, above the rolling Wiltshire countryside, or showcase the vibrant arts scene in the city centre, we can make it happen. 

For more information on the incredible sites for filming in Salisbury and Wiltshire follow this link.