Video Editing and Post Production Services

We have over 20 years of experience providing video editing services and use the Adobe suite of programs and Davinci Resolve Studio

Our services include:

  • Edit Producing, Taking the raw footage and editing it together into a rough cut to show clients.
  • Full editing of raw material to a finished production, including audio, graphics and sound design.
  • Colour grading services, taking the raw footage and using colour grading software like Davinci Resolve to bring the footage to life. We can grade Raw 16 bit REDCODE and LOG footage with ease.
  • Fast turn around time with expedited delivery of drafts to clients for short deadlines.
  • Editing of high resolution footage. We currently can edit 8K footage for extremely high resolution outputs.
  • We use the latest in Mac computers with the revolutionary M processors meaning we can edit high resolution and the latest codecs like H.265 which many cameras now produce but few computers can handle.

Editing Drone Footage

Drone footage editing is a hot topic right now with consumer drones capable of producing both LOG and normal gamut footage in huge resolutions. We are experts at getting the best colour out of both versions and can whittle down the huge lengthy files to get the best bits out. Separating the wheat from the chaff so to speak. See this article for more information on how to edit drone footage and the best software for editing drone footage.

Rates start at £250/day

Video editing services
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