Underwater Camera Operator

Underwater Filming Services

Underwater camera operator

Underwater Filming Services

Underwater camera operator Richard Brooks has over 20 years of diving and underwater filming experience, working for TV and Film productions around the world

Richard is a HSE qualified Media Diver, certified as both a Deco Rebreather Diver and SCUBA instructor. He has thousands of logged dives working as a professional underwater cameraman for both Film and TV productions.

Richard and his team can help you with your production, providing professional underwater media services for large or small assignments and productions in the UK or internationally.

Underwater Cameraman available for:

  1. Natural History

  2. Feature Film

  3. Cinematic Documentary

  4. News features

  5. TV commercials

  6. TV Drama

  7. Presenter led features

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Rates start at £500/day

Underwater Cinematographer

Cinematography by definition is the art of film-making and camera work. Whilst this is a very succinct description for a process that could render discussion for hours, the essence of it, is that a cinematographer deliberately places the camera and subject within the frame and subsequent frames to convey something. Filming is just the process of pressing record and pointing the camera generally at the subject.

Always aim to avoid the aimless.

The underwater environment provides an incredible 3 dimensional space to move within. It presents unique opportunities in movement that Richard has always loved and he will always endeavour to be an underwater cinematographer rather than just pointing and shooting.

Learning to swim at a very early age means that Richard is extremely comfortable in the water. He has worked as both a Lifeguard and Diving Instructor. A 3 min 30 sec breath hold enables extended free diving opportunities. Over 23 years diving experience in a wide variety of environments around the world means  Richard brings with him a wealth of knowledge and takes  underwater videography to the realm of Underwater Cinematography.

Richard has the mantra in filming to “Always keep it interesting”. This approach means that every effort is made to produce the most exciting dynamic shots possible. Richard’s style of underwater cinematography is dynamic and highly varied, with compelling subject and camera movements utilising the 3 dimensional opportunities of the underwater filming environment.

Richard films underwater using the latest in cinematic cameras and underwater rigs for the best in underwater imaging up to 8K Raw resolution.

Qualifications for the AP Inspiration Rebreather enables him to work underwater for up to 5 hours. This provides incredible opportunities in wildlife filming and setup work.

With over 20 years of underwater camera experience, we can provide advice and solutions to your production. Whether that is safety consultation, logistics, training or equipment selection, Richard and his team have you covered.

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