Gimbal Operator

Our Gimbal Operator uses the latest in 3 axis stabilised gimbals. It is coupled with the Canon EOS R5 Mirrorless 8K Camera to provide beautiful smooth and innovative shots for your production.

The in house system comprises of the DJI RS2 Pro gimbal, Raveneye wireless transmitter, focus pull motor and external monitor. It can be balanced with a range of lenses and accessories with wireless transmitters to external director monitors.  This system provides world class stabilised and innovative shots on set and location.

We use this set up a lot for event filming as it’s incredibly flexible for both 4K slomo and interview filming.

DJI 3 axis gimbal operator with canon R5 camera in Palau

Benefits of hiring a Gimbal Operator

  • Gimbals provide super smooth footage from a mobile base.
  • A range of lenses can be used including telephoto lenses meaning stable footage is achievable with a wide range of focus lengths.
  • Gimbals are extremely useful in combination with the latest mirrorless cameras such as the EOS R5 or the Sony A7S3 which provide beautiful high resolution footage.
  • Cameras mounted on gimbals are good for music videos, film sets, walking interviews and sports events coverage. 
  • Extremely versatile kit,  quick to set up and producing excellent results.
  • Wireless image transmission so Directors and Focus pullers can view live footage.
  • Follow focus kit comes with rigs for remote 1st AC.
  • We use the DJI RS2 Gimbal for the best in camera stabilising technology, check out the specs on the DJI page

Gimbal Operator Day Rates start at £400/day

Cinematic Gimbal set ups

If the production requires it we can rent larger gimbals for larger cameras. We have used both the Ronin 2 and MOVI rigs on film sets with the easy-rig harness to keep the heavier rigs up and stabilised.

Gimbal Operator on Film set
Filming with the C70-MOVI Gimbal rig on set

Gimbal Filming Frequently Asked Questions

A Gimbal is a device with 3 motors that stabilise the camera mounted on it. The 3 motors are controlled by a central processor that measures if the camera is moving in any of the 3 axis (tilt up and down, pan left and right and roll left and right)  and adjusts to compensate keeping the camera level at all times. The arms that hold the camera system need to be balanced to allow proper function of the gimbal and this balance changes with different camera configurations.

Typically it only takes about 10 minutes to put the  gimbal together with the camera, wireless transmitter, shotgun mic or wireless mic, external monitor and get it balanced. Larger more complex rigs take longer depending on complexity of the rig and camera requirements.

The RS2 Pro gimbal we use most often can carry a payload of 4.5Kgs or 10 lbs. In real terms it will take a C200B, a C300 MK3, a EOS R5, C70, R5C, Sony FX3, Sony FX5, Sony A7 or a light RED Komodo. The Ronin 2 will take pretty much any cinema camera set up from RED, Alexa, Canon or Sony.

Yes, we have a wireless transmitter that takes the image from the camera and can transmit it to a separate monitor or cell phone.

The RS2 gimbal we use has a big battery that will last for about 12 hours of operation. Other high end gimbals like the Ronin 2 have hot swappable batteries that are rotated throughout the day.