Previous Work and Credits

Over a career spanning 20 years, Richard Brooks at the helm of Lightning Strike Productions has worked with some of the leading Productions in both TV and Film around the World.

Ocean Warriors (2016)

OCEAN WARRIORS weaves stories of courage and conflict, from the Antarctic’s remote Southern Ocean, to the coral reefs of Tanzania and the vast tuna fisheries of the Western Pacific. Set sail for heart-stopping action as a global coalition of activists, scientists and journalists prepare to stare down poachers, tear up illegal fishing networks and bring outlaws to justice.

The Mystery of Mr.E (2023)

Richard doubled up as both Gaffer and Drone Operator on this Murder Mystery Musical shot in Yorkshire and London. Premiering  Nov 23. Enjoy the teaser trailer.

Punch (2023)

Richard was bought in as a 2nd Unit to provide Drone Footage of talent on location at night and Underwater Footage on an underwater stage in London, UK. Check out the trailer from this seaside slasher by clicking the link in the poster…..


To What Remains (2022)

Richard Brooks was requested by Underwater DoP Pete Zuccarini (Life of Pi, Avatar 2) to join his team as Underwater Camera Operator. Filmed with the RED Dragon system, Richard also contributed with Underwater lighting and underwater time-lapses.

The Nature Conservancy (2021)

Whilst Palau was shut off from the rest of the World during Covid, we set to work showcasing the conservation work still happening within this Pacific Island Nation. Lightning Strike Productions produced this short documentary on the efforts to introduce fishing industry technology to subsistence fishing communities. 

Al Jazeera Planet SOS (2020)

Richard and his team were commissioned to provide a full spectrum of Production services to the Al Jazeera team visiting Palau. Pre-Production, location scouting, and fixing services enabled the Al Jazeera crew to hit the ground running. Richard was also intrinsic in Underwater filming with talent and comms equipment as well as Aerial Drone filming coverage.

Super Reefs. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. (2019)

Richard was commissioned by scientists at Woods Hole to film and produce numerous pieces. The films were used to promote the work being done to study the impact of ocean warming on coral reefs. Filming involved sailing expeditions to remote atolls in the Pacific over periods of months.

Nazi Megastructures poster

Nazi Megastructures. National Geographic (2019)

The National Geographic crew hired Richard to provide Drone Footage for the hugely popular TV series. Filming in harsh tropical conditions on a busy shoot.

The Giant (2018)

Richard was bought in during the early planning stages of this high profile advertising campaign. His contributions significantly expedited the concept and pre-production stages. Later Richard and his team were heavily involved in the production providing filming and location assistance, BTS media, Aerial and Underwater filming as well as archive materials.

Credits 2022-2023

  • Cinderella’s Revenge March 2023. Drone Operator and Steadicam.
  • Facebook (Meta) Dec 2022. London School of Diving. Underwater Camera Operator
  • Nov 2022 The Nature Conservancy/ Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Digital Twins. Palmyra Atoll. Underwater Camera Operator, Drone Operator, Ground based Camera Operator, DIT, Post Production Colour Grading.
  • Punch Nov 2022. Paranoid Android Films. Drone Operator and Underwater Camera Operator.
  • Dispatches Channel 4, Kalel productions. Sept 2022. Drone Operator
  • July 2022. Underwater Camera Operator. “Starting Small” UK Shark Documentary. 
  • “Whatnot” May 2022. Ealing Studios. DIT
  • The Ghost Within April 2022. Camera Assistant, Gaffer and DIT.