Real Estate Filming and Photography

Real Estate Property Filming and Photography

If you are trying to sell your home or property you need a professional media company to produce real estate photography and films to advertise it.

Not everyone wants a generic set of photos of their unique property. We offer something above and beyond the rest that will make your property stand out and attract the buyers you want.

Lightning Strike Productions can help you showcase your property in a bespoke, unforgettable way with our drone and stabilised gimbal filming and photography services. 

We have over 10 years experience as a Real Estate Photography and Filming Company.

"We recently used drone photography for a commercial real estate project and we were more than delighted with the results. Richard at Lightning Strike Productions was incredibly professional and easy to work with and was able to capture all of the aerial shots required. The quality of the photos and video was excellent and Richard enabled us to get the shots that would have been impossible to photograph without a drone. He was also able to deliver the photos quickly, which was a huge plus.. Overall, we couldn't be happier with the service."

Real Estate media services

Our services include:

  • Aerial drone filming and photography of Real Estate properties
  • Interior and ground based filming and photography of houses and properties
  • Sunrise and Sunset time-lapse photography  promoting solar aspects of property.
  • Professional editing of real estate video for national and international prospective buyers. Professional Voice-overs available.
  • Aerial mapping of large properties. We can produce 2D and 3D high resolution maps, orthomosaics and digital twins of assets.
  • State of the Art Interior 3D scans available for virtual tours.
  • Preproduction consultation; We want to provide the very best service to our clients. We have found that an exchange of information and aims prior to our site visit greatly improve the end product. 

Real estate drone photography

Our industry leading drones give a “bird’s eye view” perspective offering potential buyers comprehensive views of your property, increasing its saleability and making it stand out in this modern crowded market. We don’t have to gain great height to be able to demonstrate the desirable aspects of your property. Our filming style adds a cinematic element that utilises the advancing filming technologies we utilise. This makes us a trusted and leading Real Estate Photography Company in the UK.

Real Estate Photo of Georgian Mansion with grounds
Real Estate Drone Photo of Georgia house with land and lake

Safety and Discretion

Our team of professionals are CAA certified, insured Drone Pilots and DBS checked for your peace of mind. We know your time is valuable and aim to be quick and efficient on site minimising disruption. NDAs are no problem for ultimate discretion to our clients.

CAA qualified drone pilot badge
DBS check logo for Real Estate Drone Media

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