Film and TV Production Services

Based in Salisbury, Wiltshire, we are ideally placed to offer filming and media production services throughout the South of England, into London and with a bit of travelling the whole of the UK and internationally.

As well as Drone filming, and underwater filming we also provide a wide range of other media production services.

ENG Camera Operator

We use professional level cameras, audio and lighting equipment to deliver news, interviews and documentary media for global clients and audiences.

If you have a project or grant that needs media deliverables to satisfy donors or to attract more funding see our Media Projects Page.

Rates start at £300/day

Documentary cameraman Electronic News Gathering (ENG) filming small aircraft
Lightning Strike Media Productions previous clients

Time-lapse- Motion Control

Beautiful landscape and elemental time-lapses. These make for stunning B-roll and transitional elements in any production. We use a variety of filters, sliders and motion control equipment to capture the passage of time and unlock the secrets of nature.

Time-lapse motion control photography

360 VR Media

Using the latest in 360 VR cameras we can produce and edit VR media for specialist applications such as Virtual Tours of your business.

Contact us for more information on this new and exciting format.

Check out Google Street View for latest additions to Palau.

Interview fixer AlJazeera media production palau

Line Producer, Fixing, pre-production, location scout

In advance of a production we can do the leg work for you in the form of fixer services.  Location scouting and asset acquisition. Filming permits, accommodations and talent can be arranged in advance of your team arriving in the UK. Recent Clients include AlJazeera and Animal Planet.

We can also act as Line Producer, organising everything for your shoot.

Rates start at £250/day


Film Production Services

"ParableVR worked with Lightning Strike on a virtual reality film for The Economist about Palau’s coral reefs. From beginning to end they were a joy to work with and were key to the breathtaking VR footage that we eventually achieved. We would work with them again in a heartbeat."
Jonathan Rudd, Director
"What’s nice is that it’s a one stop shop, and you can get a high-quality video of whatever you need footage of, whether it is in the air, on the ground, or underwater. He can do it all."
Amos Collins
Director Flight Operations, Pacific Mission Aviation
"Richard has the ability to produce great underwater footage in practically every situation, his imagination and use of the environment creates a very exciting and individual style. His technical skills with the camera are some of the best I have ever seen. Combine this with an instinctive understanding of the marine creatures; he really is a top class wildlife cameraman."