Project Media Production

Project Media Deliverables

Are you an organisation, charity, institution or company that needs project media production services for a grant or venture? Lightning Strike Productions works with NGOs, Academia, Government Departments and private individuals. We provide media from photos to edited films. Our aim is to deliver imagery that not only demonstrates your efforts in their best light but also gets your clients and funders to come back to you for more.

If your project needs media deliverables, we are your team.

Demonstrate Progress

The ability to demonstrate to funders (potential and existing) that your project is worth their money is vital. The best way to tell a story is with pictures, not with dry texts and monologue. As a picture is worth a thousand words, an incredible amount can be said with a good video presentation.

Fish Aggregation Device and Sonar Buoy Deployment Project.

This is an example of a large international NGO (The Nature Conservancy) collaborating with a local fishing co-op to install FADs and technology borrowed from the commercial fishing industry. Our film demonstrates the background, implementation and outcome of the pilot project. 

Educational Films for Huge Audiences

Our media films are produced with a broad audience in mind.  Concepts are explained  clearly and are easy to understand. Our subject research is extensive and collaboration with experts in the field ensures the material is accurate and relevant. We always aim to produce interesting media as we believe the best way to educate is also to entertain. Whether that is through exciting visuals or punchy dialogue delivery your message will be seen and heard by a huge number of people.

Project Media Production for an estuary in Devon aerial 360 view
Aerial 360 VR Photo for a conservation project on the River Exe

Invasive Species Education Project

This film was a key media deliverable for a conservation and education project. The grant enabled Conservation NGOs to identify, educate and eradicate invasive species that were threatening fragile island ecosystems. A high level of community involvement was required necessitating this educational film.

Media Distribution for Maximum Impact

Our knowledge of media platforms enables us to position media where it will have the biggest impact and greatest reach. Short reels and snippets of interviews can be used in some situations where long form films don’t work and visa versa. We monitor the statistics to ensure each post is getting the traction required. 

Migratory Bird Educational Film

Part of an effort to stop the destruction of a key shorebird migration habitat. This film aimed to highlight the importance of a key intertidal zone to a wide range of migratory bird species. It also aimed to instil a renewed sense of national pride in Palau’s conservation work as being part of network sanctuaries.

Call To Action

Including a call to action is vital for media projects as it transforms what is educational material into  potential revenue and lead generation. This multiplies the effectiveness of the media by orders of magnitude. You need  to spread the word, ask the audience to share with someone who would find the subject interesting. You would like to generate potential new clients; ask them to click on a link directing them to your website or online form. There are so many ways to perpetuate and propagate the message and give it a life of it’s own.

Aerial Surveillance Promotional Film

This film promotes the fledgling aerial surveillance work being done to protect Palau’s Marine Sanctuary. The organisation proved that they had the capabilities for long distance, long duration sorties. Evidence gained by the observers of illegal fishing activity was useful in the apprehension and confiscation of illegal boats and equipment.

Bespoke Solutions For Bespoke Media Messages

Our team of media producers and writers will craft  media for you that you can be proud of. Each of our clients and projects is an individual  with their own messages and requirements. We can film in a huge variety of environments using a diverse array of media production techniques. Our underwater filming team, drone filming pilot, script writers and  film editors are available to provide you and your organisation with what you need.

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