Richard Brooks Underwater cameraman
Richard Brooks is the owner operator of Lightning Strike Productions.

Richard Brooks

Inspired by Nature

Lightning Strike Productions is owned and operated by Richard Brooks.

Originally from the UK, he brings with him not just 20 years of media production experience but also a sound understanding of scientific principles.

Richard graduated from Plymouth University with a degree in Environmental Science and Aquatic Pollution Ecology and uses this education in much of his work.

Months after graduating Richard took a series of dive courses in the UK which set him on his path to becoming an underwater camera operator.

He has been filming in Palau for over 13 years and around the world for over 20.

“What sets Lightning Strike apart from the competition is the artistic, innovative approach coupled with attention to detail.”

Over the last 20 years Richard’s media production skills have been utilised by multiple international broadcasters across the globe. Clients range from local Palau based NGOs to Animal Planet and the BBC amongst many others.

Please check the Services Page for more info on what Richard and Lightning Strike can offer you.

Underwater Cameraman and Media Producer

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Cameras:Canon C200, Canon EOS R5, Canon EOS 5D3, Insta 360 One R, GoPro Hero 6

Drone: DJI Phantom 4 Pro, Mavic Air, Polar Pro filters

Lenses: 16-35, 18-55, 24-105, 80-300, 50, 65 macro, 100 macro, x2 teleconverter, various diopters.

DJI RS2 Gimbal

Lee Filters, Manfrotto tripods, Rhino slider, SYRP motorhead, 360 Monopod, Sennheiser wireless and Rode boom mics, lighting cable etc

Stands, screens, silks and fill with frames at request.

iMacPro for editing using the Adobe CC 2020 suite. Davinci Resolve Studio.

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Underwater camera equipment

Nauticam Housings for both C200 and 5D3, domes and ports for variety of lenses, WACP

Underwater tripod.

2 x 10,000 lumen underwater lights, 2x Underwater flash strobes, arms etc 

AP Inspiration Closed Circuit Rebreather

Frequently Asked Questions

The Republic of Palau is located 1000 miles east of  Manila and about 2000 miles south from Tokyo. It’s the most westerly of the Caroline Islands in Micronesia. 7 degrees North of the Equator and 134 degrees East of Greenwich. It lies on the boundary of the Philippine Sea and Pacific Ocean.
Palau diving is pretty good all year round however the best time for underwater wildlife experiences is January through to May when more fish species are spawning and overall biological boom time is on.  
The weather is typically tropical and can be completely different from one day to the next. Typically Palau will get more tropical storms during its monsoon season from June to October when the winds shift from easterlies to westerlies on average. The wind shift can close down certain dive sites for weeks at a time. Palau lies south of the main storm corridor, however it’s not unknown for large storms to severely disrupt things here.

Underwater wildlife in Palau is some of the best and most diverse in the world. Palau is blessed with miles of near pristine reefs and abundant fish, Manta Ray and shark populations. There is the Jellyfish Lake a UNESCO World Heritage site, Kayangel atoll, Peleliu battle ground….

From the air, Palau’s Rock Islands, reefs and jungles  are stunning.

It’s rich traditions and culture are still strong, Palau is matrilineal where titles, land and money are handled by women.

Its national marine sanctuary, shark sanctuary, and marine mammal sanctuary provide protection to wildlife and seafood security, a network of protected areas ensure valuable aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems remain for future generations.

That’s just a teaser.

Yes, if you are producing media for commercial purposes a permit is required for each state you wish to film in. Palau has 16 states, however most of the dive sites and infrastructure are in Koror state. We can help you in arranging for these in advance. See our services page for more info or contact us.
Yes, however there are airspace restrictions  in certain locations and the general guidelines apply: Max ceiling 120m, no flying over crowds of people or busy roads, limit distance to line of sight if possible, be aware of crowd control at take off and landing.
Please contact us for more information on this subject.
If flying for media production and commercial purposes it is advised to obtain a drone license from the Palau aviation authority, again contact us for more information.
Lightning Strike is a small, responsive and dedicated production company.
We won’t try to sell you BS.
Our local network is built on years of working closely with the public and private sector and our international reputation is similarly strong. We are tenacious problem solvers, determined and unafraid to learn and adapt.
"Lightning Strike Productions were great to work with in Palau. Their fixing services were crucial in securing important interviews and filming permits. Also their local knowledge of the country was valuable context as we reported/filmed on the ground. Would highly recommend!"
Hannah Yi , Senior Video Producer, QUARTZ MEDIA
"I was recommended to Richard by another producer, who had worked with him on a project for Arte in 2009. I requested of Richard to provide footage for my film. His camera work provided stunning images and his technical skills enabled an exact and satisfying delivery of the media. My thanks to you."
Philippe Lagnier, Producer, Capa Press Agency, June 2011