Filming Palau, Micronesia and the World

We have been filming in Palau, Micronesia for over 12 years in every type of environment. Remote atolls to jungles and rivers, deep ocean reefs to mangroves.

We provide World class footage for world class productions.

Combining artistic vision with storytelling. Bringing visuals to your audience that can change the world. Capturing the moment to inspire and amaze. Using the latest in cinema cameras to produce UHD and above footage.

We produce footage for clients ranging from cinematic documentary material to VR 360 content.

Expertise in underwater environments from over 20 years experience. Combine this with aerial drone filming, time-lapse photography, wildlife filming or presenter led documentary style shooting.

20 years of filming across the world from remote expeditions to studios. Using a wide range of industry standard cameras and equipment.

We can cover every aspect of your filming production in Palau. We take your concept through pre-production fixing services, all the way to completion. Experienced editors and directors of photography. Planning and executing a production is our speciality.

We can help bring your vision to life.

See our services page for the range of filming and media production services.

Previous projects have included the Palau Pledge promotional film, Expedition filmmaking. Shoots for Animal Planet, National Geographic, the BBC, AlJazeera, CNN and multiple other global broadcasters.